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Last Modified : 05/03/2018

Thawte SSL123 Certificate FAQs


How long does it take to issue a Thawte SSL123 certificate?

When the automated domain validation process is not successful, orders are flagged for manual validation. Requests of this nature may take up to 24 business hours to review.

Do I need to send documentation?

We do not require any documentation for your company for a Thawte SSL123 certificate. If your domain contact email address is not registered with an accredited online registrar, the supported pre-determined email aliases are as follows:




Is Thawte SGC (Server Gated Cryptography SSL) available with these certificates?

Unfortunately, Thawte SGC (Server Gated Cryptography SSL) is not available with these certificates.

How long are these certificates valid for?

These certificates are valid for 1-3 years, depending on what you need.

Are Free Reissues available?

Yes, we do offer free reissues, please read below.

How do I reissue an Thawte SSL123 Certificate?

Please note that you are able to reissue your certificate at any time while the Certificate is valid. You would normally reissue a Certificate under the following conditions:

  • If your server software changes.
  • If you have compromised or lost your private key.
  • If you have lost your pass phrase.


  • All company and domain details must remain the same.
  • The new certificate will be signed from the date of reissue until the anniversary date of your initial certificate. (i.e. your original expiry will remain the same)
  • You may only get a reissue for the same product as the initial certificate that you requested.

To reissue the certificate please view: SO470

Is there a Site Seal available with Thawte SSL123 Certificates?

Yes, there is a Site Seal for the Thawte SSL123 Certificate. To add the Thawte Site Seal to your website please read the instructions in the following knowledge base solution: SO5497

What certificate details are enabled for this certificate?

Please note: brackets indicate that correct details are to be inserted

Certificate Details: Certificate subject details – SSL123
CN = www.(domain).com
OU = Domain Control Validated
OU = Go to
OU = thawte SSL123 certificate
O = www.(domain).com

Which servers are compatible with the Thawte SSL123 Certificate?

Please read the Thawte SSL123 Certificate server compatibility in the following Knowledge Base solution: SO3048

Why Thawte SSL123?

Thawte's traditional focus when issuing certificates has been on ensuring unrivaled authentication of company details. The feedback that we have been given from extensive market and customer research tells us that while these procedures are crucial for the security of many businesses, there is also a need for some customers to obtain a more affordable SSL certificate quickly. Enter SSL123 – an entry-level digital certificate that is also capable of providing industry standard 128-bit encryption.
* Please note that delays in issuance can be caused if your domain is not registered with an accredited online registrar. For details on processing requirements, please refer to Thawte's CPS by