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Solution ID : SO14850

Last Modified : 04/29/2019

Install an EV Certificate on BEA Weblogic 5.1


Install EV Certificate on BEA Weblogic 5.1
Install certificate


To install an EV Certificate on BEA Weblogic 5.1, follow the instructions below:
Step 1: Obtain the Thawte EV Intermediate CA certificate
a) Select the appropriate Intermediate CA certificate for your SSL Certificate type: AR1384
Note: Be sure to use Vi or Notepad as word processing programs like Microsoft Notepad may add additional characters that may render the certificate unusable.
b) Copy and paste the EV Intermediate into a text file and save as intermediate.pem
Step2. Download your Thawte certificate
1. You will receive an email when your certificate is issued.

2. Download your certificate as per the instruction on the following solution: SO13187

3. Copy and Paste your Thawte certificate to Notepad and save as a cert.pem 
Copy the Cert.pem  to the Weblogic Server Root Directory.

Step 3. Update WebLogic properties file:
1. Open the "" file in a text editor. This file is located in the server's root directory

2. Edit the following directives contained within the "weblogic.properies" file, under Server certificates for SSL:



3. Stop and start your WebLogic Server.
4. To verify if your certificate is installed correctly, use the Thawte Installation Checker