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Solution ID : SO17716

Last Modified : 05/18/2018

Download Symantec certificate purchased from a Partner


To download issued Symantec SSL certificate through User Portal, perform the following steps:

Access Symantec User Portal

  1. Click here to access the Symantec User Portal.
  2. Provide the common name, technical contact e-mail address associated with the SSL order, and the image number generated from the Symantec User Authentication page.
  3. Select Request Access against the correct order ID.
  4. An e-mail will be sent to the technical contact e-mail address specified above.
  5. Click on the link listed in the e-mail to enter the User Portal.
  6. Click View Certificate Information.
  7. Select the appropriate PKCS#7 or  X.509 format from the drop down menu.
    Note: Microsoft IIS users select PKCS#7.
  8. Save the certificate locally and install per the server software.

Symantec SSL Certificate installation
Click here for SSL certificate installation steps