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Solution ID : SO2726

Last Modified : 06/04/2018

Install SSL certificates in Lotus Domino 6.5


To install a certificate  in Lotus Domino 6.5 follow the instructions below:

1) Download the Thawte Intemediate CA certificate from the following solution: INFO1384

2) Download the Server Certificate that was requested:
    SSLCert.txt - which can be downloaded from:

3) To install the certificate view the instructions in the Lotus Notes FAQ:

  1. Go the following link:
  2. Click on "Security" in the right hand menu
  3. Select "SSL Security" from the right hand menu
  4. Select "Setting up SSL on a Domino Server" at the bottom of the loaded page

The instructions are provided in the Lotus Domino 6.5 server documentation on the IBM website.