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Solution ID : SO4100

Last Modified : 06/04/2018

Install Thawte SSL123 Certificate on CPanel


Install SSL Web Server Certificate on CPanel
Install certificate


To install your Thawte SSL123 certificate on CPanel, follow the instructions below:
Step1. Download your Thawte SSL123 certificate with the Intermediate required.
1. You will receive an email when your certificate is issued.
2. Download the Thawte Certificate with the solution: SO13187
3. Copy and Paste the Thawte certificate in the X509 format to Notepad and save as a cert.crt extension.
4. Download the Thawte Intermediate CA for Thawte SSL123 certificates: AR1384
Step2. Install your Thawte SSL123 certificate
1. Click the Install an SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain link in the SSL/TLS menu.
2. Enter the domain, user name and IP address for the certificate in the Domain, User, and IP Address fields.
3.  Click the Fetch button to paste the .key and .crt files for the domain into the available display spaces, if they are currently on your server. Otherwise, copy and& paste the .key and .crt files into the available display areas.
Note: if you generated the certificate using WebHostManager, the certificate files will be available.
4. Replace the existing .cert file with cert.crt file
Step3. Install the Intermediate Certificate
1. Copy and paste the Intermediate certificate into the available ca-bundle display area below.
2. Click the Do It button. 
Your certificates are now installed.

WHM (Web Hosting Manager)

WebHost Manager is the control center of the CPanel / WebHost Manager package. It is used to set up and manage accounts. Use WHM to install your issued certificate.

Once you have received an SSL certificate, you can install the certificate using WebHost Manager. You need both the certificate and key files to install the certificate.

For more information have a look at the WHM documentation: