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How do I install an SSL Certificate onto RDP for Windows Server 2003?


How do I install an SSL Certificate onto RDP for Windows Server 2008?


This knowledge base articles describes how to configure an SSL certificate to encrypt an RDP session.

You will need to have a certificate installed with both the private and public key into the computer account of the server.  This can be created through various means; OpenSSL, IIS or as a PKCS#12 file (*.p12 or *.pfx file).

  1. First open Terminal Services Configuration.  You can find this by navigating to Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Configuration.

  2. In Terminal Services Configuration, right-click on the RDP-Tcp connection in the right pane and select Properties from the drop down menu.

  3. In the RDP-Tcp Properties window, click on the General tab.

  4. In the General tab, click on the Edit button in the Security section.

  5. Choose your certificate from the list and click the OK button. You should see the Common Name of the certificate in the box next to the Certificate: field.  Click on OK or Apply.

    Note: You may get a warning message about your current user session.  You can click on OK.

  6. Once you log off and then log back on again, your session should be encrypted using the new certificate.