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Last Modified : 06/08/2018

Authentic Document IDs for BREW - Features & Benefits



Features & Benefits

Reliable Proof
Thanks to the E-Sign Act, passed by the U.S. Congress in July of 2000, documents signed online have the same legal force as a paper contract. Symantec Authentic Document IDs let you take full advantage of this decision by providing non-repudiable third-party witness from Symantec of the status of any document you publish online.

Once you've obtained an Authentic Document ID, you can obtain timestamped digital receipts by submitting signed "fingerprints" of your digital files (never your originals) to the Symantec Authentic Document Service. Each receipt contains a fingerprint of the original document, information about the requestor, and an official timestamp verifying the date and time the file was digitally notarized. A signed fingerprint of your document is also saved to Symantec's secure database just in case you need a third-party verification for auditing purposes or dispute resolution.

And by attaching the Authentic Document Seal to your documents, you can enable readers of the documents you publish to instantly access this data, assuring themselves that the document is the same as the one you published and has not been altered.

Secure Communication
The hashing algorithms used to create document fingerprints are "one-way": you can create a hash from a document, but you cannot recreate the document from a hash. Therefore, the original contents of your document are never exposed when you transmit your digital notarization request over the Internet.

Evidence of Tampering or Modification
The Authentic Document ID embeds a signed fingerprint (hash) of the original document into your digital notarization receipt. Because every fingerprint is different, any changes to your document will be immediately discovered when you verify your digital receipt.

Because the digital notarization client creates a fingerprint (hash) of your document right on your desktop, there are no limitations to the size or type of file you submit to the digital notarization service.

Ease of Use
Because the digital notarization client is directly integrated into your desktop, all you need to do to initiate a digital notarization request is to right-click the icon for the document you want to digitally notarize and select Digitally Notarize from the contextual menu.

Saving a signed copy of your document's fingerprint (hash) on Symantec's secure database gives you the benefit of third-party verification of your document without having to worry about others having access to your document.