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Thawte is a trusted certificate provider. We do not make or support any software. We are more than happy to help wherever certificates are used, however, in the case of software specific issues, we may not always be able to help. The best people to contact will always be your software vendor.


Apache documentation:

Apache modssl on Mac OS X:

Apache modssl on Windows:

Apache faq’s:

Apache modssl faq’s:

Subscribe to the modssl support mailing lists:
Subscribe to the Apache-ssl support mailing lists:
Search MARC(Mailing list ARChives):

Bugzilla database:

Microsoft IIS

Search Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Microsoft Technical Communities:

IIS Status Codes:

Microsoft Windows 2000 solution center:

Microsoft Windows XP solution center:

Microsoft IIS 5.0 documentation:

Microsoft IIS 6.0 documentation:

Microsoft Security Updates:

SSL Knowledge Base Solutions:

How to import a backed up certificate into IIS5:
How to Troubleshoot SSL in Internet Information Server 4.0:
How to use Internet Explorer to Verify Your IIS Security Configuration:
How to load balance a web server farm by using one SSL certificate in Internet Information Services version 6.0 and in Internet Information Services 5.0:
How To enable SSL for all customers who interact with your web site in Internet Information Services:
Cannot create a 128-bit SSL session with IIS:
Cannot Open SSL-Enabled Web Site:
Can't Connect to SSL-Enabled Site and/or Server Stops Responding:
Server Certificate Button Unavailable in IIS:
SSL Port Disappears When Certificate Removed in Key Manager:
How to use ASP to Force SSL for Specific Pages:
How To Install and Reload the SSL Filter Sspifilt.dll:
SGC Connections May Fail from Domestic Clients:
SSL Connections Are Delayed During Initial Connection to Web Server:
You receive a "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" error message when you try to start a Web site in the Internet Information Services 6.0 MMC snap-in:
How to disable PCT 1.0, SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, or TLS 1.0 in Internet Information Services:
HTTP 1.1 host headers are not supported when you use SSL:
Page Cannot Be Displayed When You Connect Through SSL:
Cannot find server" or "DNS" Errors When Using SSL (Q and A):
Browser Connections Appear to Stop Responding When Accessing IIS Over SSL:
How to determine if SSL connectivity is not working on the web server or on an intermediate Device:
ISAPI Filter Stops Responding When HttpFilterProc Returns SF_STATUS_REQ_READ_NEXT:

Jakarta Tomcat
Tomcat resources:

Tomcat faq’s:

Configure SSL on Tomcat 3.2:

Configure SSL on Tomcat 3.3:

Configure SSL on Tomcat 4.0:

Configure SSL on Tomcat 4.1:

Configure SSL on Tomcat 5.5:

Search MARC (Mailing list ARChives):

Subscribe to the Tomcat-User mailing list:

Bugzilla database:


Search Novell Knowledge Base:

List of Novell Certificate Server Error Codes:

Novell documentation:

SSL Knowledge Base Solutions:

Thawte Certificate Locks Browser:
Error: -1227 importing a third party certificate:
Error: "SSL initialization failure 0x891c cause bad certificate:
How to renew an expired third party (i.e. Symantec, Thawte, etc.) Public Key:
Getting and Using a Third Party Certificate with iChain 2.0:
When an HTTP web page references an HTTPS object, it is not showing up:
Why certificates generated by the Novell certificate server do not work with wireless access devices (such as cell phones):
Configuring Mutual Authentication using Symantec's CA:
How to make Internet Explorer recognize Novell certificates:
Troubleshooting steps for SSL Certificates, Organizational CA , and Certificate:
How can I verify whether or not an SSL certificate is working properly?:
Apache will not load successfully when using SSL Certificate:
"Not Present" value in properties of SSL Certificate object:
Can't create a Key Material Object (also known as a KMO or SSL Certificate) in ConsoleOne:
1270 error when attempting to save a SSL Certificate:


Search IBM Knowledge Base:

IBM HTTP Documentation:

Software support:

IBM HTTP Server Newsgroups:

SSL Knowledge Base Solutions:

Guide to properly setting up SSL within the IBM HTTP Server:
How to use the IKEYMAN utility:
An error occurred while inserting keys to the database" when creating a .kdb file with IKeyman:
A Database Validation Error Occurred" or "An error occurred while storing the certificate from the given file”:
Limiting access to URLs and directories with client certificates when multiple SSL IP-based virtualhosts are enabled:
IBM HTTP Server: Error receiving a trial certificate from Symantec:
IP-Based Virtual Hosting MUST be used if configuring multiple SSL Virtual Hosts:


Oracle documentation:

Oracle Metalink online technical support:

Oracle Product Centers:

Oracle Technology Network:

Oracle forums home:

Oracle9i Application Server Implementation of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI):

Using Oracle Wallet Manager:

Sun ONE (Iplanet)

Search SunSolve:

Search Netscape Knowledge Base:

Search Sun bug database:

Sun product information:

Sun support forums:

Sun ONE Web Server 4.0 SSL documentation:

Sun ONE web server 4.1 SSL documentation:

Sun ONE Web Server 6.0 SSL documentation:

Sun ONE Web Server 6.1 SSL documentation:

Lotus Domino

Search IBM Knowledge Base:

Lotus Domino documentation:

Notes/Domino technical articles:

Notes/Domino 4 and 5 Forum:

Notes/Domino 6 Forum:

Notes/Domino Fix List:

SSL Knowledge Base Solutions:

Thawte Trusted Root Certificate Not Included in Domino:
Setting up SSL and X.509 Certificates on a Domino Server:
Virtual Server Displays Wrong SSL Certificate when Two Virtual Servers Mapped to Same IP Address:
Error: "Page cannot be displayed" Appears to a Web User Connecting Using SSL:

BEA Weblogic

BEA Product documentation:

Configuring SSL for WebLogic Server 6.1:

Configuring SSL for WebLogic Server 7.0:

Configuring SSL for WebLogic Server 8.1:

Configuring SSL for WebLogic Server 9.0:

BEA Newsgroups:

Search BEA newsgroups:!default.jspa

SSL Knowledge Base Solutions:

WebLogic Server 8.1 Servers-->Configuration-->Keystores and SSL:
Review SSL Private Key Settings:
Patches available to prevent invalid SSL certificate chain vulnerability:
Installing and Configuring the Apache HTTP Server Plug-In on Weblogic 6:
Installing and Configuring the Microsoft Internet Information Server (ISAPI) Plug-In on Weblogic 6:
Installing and Configuring the Netscape Enterprise Server Plug-In (NSAPI) on Weblogic 6:


Search Citrix Knowledge Base:

Citrix product documentation:

Citrix Support Forums: