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Last Modified : 05/03/2018

RapidSSL - Frequently Asked Questions


Step by Step Guide to Receiving your Certificate: employs a two-level automated vetting process. You must complete both stages of the vetting process before your SSL certificate can be issued.

Stage 1: Telephone Authentication
As part of the enrollment process you will be prompted to complete the Telephone Authentication. This is where we will place an automated call to your telephone number and ask you to enter a PIN we display on screen, so ensure you have access to a telephone when you enroll.

If you do not have access, or experience any difficulty in completing the Telephone Authentication during enrollment do not worry. We will also send you an email specifying how you can attempt the process again. If you still have problems, please contact us via live chat and we will assist you in completing the process manually.

The Telephone Authentication process only applies to orders placed via our Retail site. This process is not required for orders placed via our Partners.

Stage 2: Approver Email
When you have successfully completed the Telephone Authentication, we will send an Approver email to the designated APPROVER email address. You would have selected the Approver email address during enrollment, this would either be:

The email address associated with your WHOIS contact (if you are unsure you can check this address by searching the WHOIS database at
One of the following generic email addresses:

Unless the Approver receives this email and approves the application by clicking on the link within the email, your certificate cannot be issued. If you are the administrator of the Approver email address please check any spam filters and virus protection folders in case the email has been quarantined.