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Last Modified : 05/21/2018

Vulnerability Assessment Remediation Referrals


Symantec Authentication is pleased to introduce to you the organizations listed below to provide comprehensive recommendations for corrective and proactive measures to help fix vulnerabilities and improve security posture. These companies range from professional services providers who may be able to provide you with consulting services to software vendors whose products involve fixing and preventing vulnerabilities on your site.

Accuvant Accuvant
Boasting the world’s best attack and penetration team, Accuvant LABS determines the gap between current and desired security postures and helps organizations remediate vulnerabilities in everything from web applications to critical infrastructure technology.

Accuvant LABS tests, analyzes and uncovers all aspects and vulnerabilities of security software, operating systems, and the enterprise infrastructure. Thousands of hours are spent researching and testing security technologies, going over code, analyzing business software and determining the reliability and robustness of our clients' information security readiness.

Accuvant's assessment resources include thought leaders, published authors and veterans of the information security industry. Of the 30 team members, more than half have over 10 years of information security experience and have benefited from a broad exposure to different client environments, consulting methodologies, assessment techniques and security technologies.

Denim Group Denim Group
Looking to quickly fix your software vulnerabilities and harden your servers to withstand future attacks? Denim Group, The market-leading secure software development company, can quickly estimate and deliver a remediation project to restore confidence in the security of your web-facing systems. Because Denim Group regularly builds secure code, they can more quickly identify where the vulnerabilities exist in your source code, fix the lines of code where the vulnerability exists, and conduct testing to confirm that the vulnerability no longer exists and the remediation does not break your software build. For additional strategies to more effectively fix vulnerable code, visit Denim Group's Remediation Resource Center at:

Complementing its software vulnerability remediation services, Denim Group conducts application-centric penetration tests, source code reviews, and COTS product testing. Denim Group also conducts instructor-led for secure development and licenses a full library of secure development e-Learning under its ThreadStrong brand at

FishNet Security FishNet Security
As a leading provider of security remediation services, FishNet Security offers a proven remediation roadmap that consists of rapid identification, analysis and securing of vulnerabilities. FishNet Security offers a wide range of security solutions, including application vulnerability identification; root cause analysis; remediation road mapping; and technology selection, training and implementation. Our focus on security and partnerships with best-of-breed technology companies ensures that our team of security experts can help companies of all shapes and sizes plan for and deploy remediation solutions. For more information on FishNet Security's remediation services, please contact us at

Nexum, Inc. Nexum, Inc.
Nexum, Inc. is an IT security and networking company that builds and secures global networks for organizations across multiple verticals around the world. Nexum believes that by remaining absolutely focused on its clients’ needs, success necessarily follows. Nexum meets those needs through a holistic, value-based approach that includes best-in-breed products, professional services, Nexum-branded manufacturer support, authorized training, and monitored and managed security services. Latin for an arrangement by which one pledged one’s very liberty as security, Nexum stands for a commitment to its customers, to help ensure their security. At Nexum, We Mean Security®.

Prevalent Networks. Prevalent Networks
Prevalent Networks is an IT consulting company that works with the leaders in governance, risk, infrastructure, and compliance to deliver solutions that create "information anywhere, security everywhere"™. Their professional services organization offers several services in support of mitigating risks and maximizing compliance of existing network and security configurations. Whether you are looking for a vulnerability remediation solution, data-loss risk assessment, compliance policy review, incident response plan, or one of many other areas of expertise, Prevalent can help.

Please be aware that the list above is being provided to you as a courtesy. There is no affiliation between Symantec
Corporation and the companies listed below and Symantec takes no responsibility for the actions of these non-affiliated companies. As you would with any purchase or selection of any vendor, please conduct your own research and proceed carefully at your own risk. Symantec does not vouch for the credibility or reliability of their products and/or services. The descriptions above have each been provided to Symantec by the respective company.