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Last Modified : 05/03/2018

Managed PKI for SSL - Installation Instructions for Sun Java System Web Server 6.x


This page provides instructions for installing the Managed PKI for SSL Certificates in Sun Java System Web Server 6.x.
If you are unable to use these instructions for this server, Symantec recommends that you contact either the vendor of your software or an organization that supports Sun Java System Web Server 6.x. 
Step 1: Install CA Certificate
Click here to obtain the correct Intermediate CA Certificate

A. Under Managed PKI for SSL CA Certificates:

Click on the appropriate link for your SSL Certificate. For example, if you are installing a Premium SSL Certificate, click the SSL Premium SSL Certificate link. 
Hit the “Select all” button and then copy the contents of the file into a plain text editor such as Note Pad or VI.

B. Use these vendor specific instructions for installing the Intermediate CA certificate on a Sun Java System Web Server 6.x

1. Select the server instance to manage and click Manage.

2. Click Security.

3. Click Install Certificate.

4. Click Server Certificate Chain.

5. Enter a Certificate Name. For example: Symantec Intermediate 2011.

6. Click Message text (with headers).

7. Paste the Intermediate text into the box and click OK.

8, Click Add Server Certificate.

9. Do not shutdown and restart the server, proceed to the instructions below first.

Step 2: Install the SSL Certificate
Symantec will email you the certificate.  If the certificate is an attachment (Cert.cer), you can use the file.  If the certificate is in the body of the email, copy and paste it into a text file (such as OriginalCert.txt) using vi or Notepad.  Do not use Microsoft Word or other word processing programs that may add characters.  Confirm that there are no extra lines or spaces in the file . If necessary, move the file to the server machine.
1. Select the This Server option.
2. Enter the key pair file password.
3. Enter a Certificate Name. For example: Symantec SSL Certificate 2016.
4. Select Message text (with headers).
5. Paste the Certificate text into the box and click OK.
6. Click Add Server Certificate.
7. You see a warning that changes require a shutdown.
8. Click OK.
9. You see a message confirming that the certificate has been added.
10. Click OK.
To verify if your certificate is installed correctly, use the Symantec Installation Checker
Sun Java Web System Web Server Support
For more information, contact Sun.