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Alert ID : INFO4991

Last Modified : 05/03/2018

End of Life (EOL) for GeoCenter Android Code Signing


What is happening?

In order to streamline our authentication and issuance platforms with DigiCert's processes and trust hierarchies, and to remove dependencies on the legacy Symantec systems, we are discontinuing the Android code signing feature available through GeoCenter portal and CSPub APIs.

Important dates

These dates are still tentative. Watch this article for changes in timelines.

  • Effective immediately - We have stopped new account enrollments for this service.
  • 30th May 2018 - We will stop issuing new code signing certificates for this service.
  • 30th May 2018 - We will enable a feature on GeoCenter to export or delete your existing certificate keys.
  • 1st August 2018 - The Android code signing service in GeoCenter portal and the CSPub API will no longer be functional.

You can also track these timelines on our Product Activity Log.

How will I be affected as an existing user?

  • Effective immediately, you cannot sign up any new accounts for this service.
  • You can continue your code signing activities until the EOL date.
  • You can still add new users, if necessary. We advise against adding any new users as the remaining life span of the product is very short. You will not get the full benefit of the payment that you make for a new user.
  • You can continue to request new code signing certificates until end of May 2018. However, you cannot request any new certificates after 30th May 2018.
  • You can continue using your existing code signing certificates until the EOL date.

Post EOL, you can no longer access the Android code signing service and associated features from either the GeoCenter portal or CSPub APIs.

What happens to my existing certificates after the EOL?

As we approach this deadline, we will provide you tools to export or delete your existing certificate keys. These features will become available in the GeoCenter portal by 30th May 2018, tentatively.

Watch our Product Activity Log for further updates about these features.

After downloading the certificates, you can continue to use them for code signing throughout their validity period.

Important! Once you download the certificate keys, you are responsible for securing and storing such keys and related passwords. Symantec or DigiCert cannot be held responsible for any security breach or loss of your keys after you download them.

What are my alternatives for Android code signing?

Learn more about our cloud-based code signing product Secure App Service (SAS).

Contact sales for more information about Secure App Service (SAS).

Contact your customer success manager to learn about our upcoming next generation offerings.