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Alert ID : INFO647

Last Modified : 06/20/2018

Installation Instructions - Microsoft Outlook 2000


You will receive an email from Symantec with instructions for picking up your Digital ID.

  1. Copy (CTRL +C) your PIN from the e-mail.
  2. Follow the URL link to the pick up page.
  3. Paste (CTRL+V) the PIN into the field on the pickup page.
  4. Click the 'Submit' button to proceed.

Note: You must use Microsoft Internet Explorer to go to the pickup page so that Microsoft Outlook can locate the Digital ID installed in the browser.

Install the Digital ID:

  1. Open Outlook 2000 and select the Tools > Options > Security.
  2. Click Change Settings.
  3. Under the Certificates and Algorithms, there are two Choose buttons. The first allows you to select the Digital ID that you will use to sign your e-mails. The second allows you to choose the Digital ID to encrypt your e-mail messages.
  4. Click Choose and select your Digital ID.
  5. Click OK.

Send a Signed Message:

  1. Open a new message.
  2. On the View menu, click Options.
  3. Click to select the Add digital signature to outgoing message check box, and then click Close.
  4. Complete and send the message.

To Send an Encrypted Message:

To send someone an encrypted message, you need a copy of that person's Digital ID. When you receive a digitally signed message from a person, follow these steps:

  1. Open the digitally signed message.
  2. Right-click the name in the From field, and on the shortcut menu click Add To Contacts.
  3. If you have an entry for this person on your contacts list, click Update This Address. The Digital ID is stored with your contact entry for this person. You can now send encrypted e-mail messages to this person.
  4. Open a new message.
  5. On the View menu, click Options.
  6. Click to select the Encrypt message contents and attachments check box, and then click Close.
  7. Complete and send the message.