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Last Modified : 06/20/2018

Digital ID Overview



Secure Email Overview

In the physical world, you protect your written correspondence by putting it in an envelope before posting. In the online world, sending an email message is like sending a postcard; it is easy to intercept and read as it travels across the Internet. Instead of risking disclosure of your private emails, safeguard them with a Symantec® Digital ID for Secure Email.

NOTE: Secure Email Digital ID’s only work with installed email clients. Purely web-based emails, like Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL Mail, are not supported.

Step 1: Enrollment >>

To enroll for a Digital ID, complete the online enrollment application using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. The email address you provide during enrollment will be bound to your Digital ID. Once installed, you can digitally sign your email and receive encrypted email using any supported email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step 2: Installation Instructions >>

Shortly after completing the enrollment, you will receive two separate email's from Symantec containing a Password and Approval URL. Once you log into the portal you can generate and install your Digital ID . Follow the appropriate installation instructions to configure your email client application.

Step 3: Email Setup >>

After you install your certificate, you will want to configure your email program.  

Step 4: Backup Digital ID >>

When you backup a Digital ID, the system copies the private key created during the enrollment into an encrypted file. The backup can be used to move the Digital ID to a new computer, replace a corrupted ID, or for safe keeping.  In any event that you computer crashes, you can log into the self portal using the original approval link and password  and replace the id.  A new approval link and password will be emailed to you so you can generate and install the new certificate.

Step 5: Renew >>

You will receive notification that your certificate is about to expire. You can then renew your certificate.  

Other Considerations:

If you have lost your certificate or changed computers without moving your certificate over, you'll need to replace your certificates. The following link provides information and instructions regarding replacing your Digital ID Certificate. 

Replace your Certificate