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Alert ID : INFO725

Last Modified : 07/22/2019

Norton Secured Seal Does Not Display


The Norton Secured Seal should display within 2 hours of installation after your SSL Certificate has been validated. Before contacting DigiCert support, check the most common reasons why the Norton Secured Seal did not appear on your page.

Your domain has not been verified
The Norton Secured Seal will not appear on a domain until your SSL Certificate has been approved and issued. Make sure your SSL Certificate had been authenticated and wait at least 24 hours before contacting DigiCert support.

Your common name has not been added to the database
DigiCert must add your common name to the database the first time the seal is installed. In most cases your seal will be available for display within 2 hours. If this is the first time you've installed the seal using this common name, please allow up to 24 hours before contacting DigiCert Customer Support.

The common names don't match
The common name must match the common name for the certificate exactly. For example, if the certificate's common name is, enter the complete common name, including www. If the common name is just, do not include www. Do not include http:// or https://.

The pages are on a non-production or test server
The pages with the seal must be within the domain identified by the certificate's common name. Loading the pages on a different site (including a test server with a different domain name) will result in the seal not displaying correctly or other error.

The script was corrupted
Emailing or opening the script in a word processing application can insert characters and formatting, corrupting the script. Return to the installation page and generate the script again. Copy the code from the seal installation page and paste it directly into your HTML.

Other coding prevents the seal from displaying
Test the Web page's code to ensure that an image can appear. For example, insert any static GIF image where the seal should display. Open the page to confirm that the image appears.

The seal script is set up on .ASP pages
Because the Norton Secured Seal script generator on our website only creates scripts compatible with HTML, a <div> tag will need to be added in order for the Seal to display on .aspx pages. Please see the following solution for more information SO3830

If the common name is IDN, please use punycode of the IDN as common name
To support IDN in the Site Seal service, it is required to use punycode of the IDN in the seal display script. For example, for host name "www.青年奥运.com".

Outdated seal script referencing domain
The Norton Secured Seal was updated and now references Please generate a new seal script. Copy the code from the seal installation page and paste it directly into your HTML.

Contact DigiCert Customer Support

If these suggestions do not solve your problem and you've waited 24 hours, contact with the following information:

• Your SSL Certificate Order Number or your Common Name
• Code used for your seal
• Link to a published destination page for your seal