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Alert ID : INFO851

Last Modified : 06/20/2018

Class 1 Digital ID - Renew



Class 1 Digital ID's and/or Symantec Digital ID for Secure Email is about to expire.

Class 1 Digital ID's are valid for one year. 30 days prior to the expiration date,  a notice is sent out from

Your digital ID for Secure Email is about to expire. 

As we have moved to the new Class 1 Digital Certificate platform, we no longer offer the replacement of the legacy Class 1 Digital Certificate purchased prior to December 11, 2012, or the renewal option. 


The expiration date is stored in the public key of a Digital ID. Every Web browser or e-mail application checks the validity of a Digital ID by ensuring that the date you receive the Digital ID (and the information it is protecting) is within the valid dates. This means that after your certificate or public key expires, any emails you sign after that will not be valid.  Prior to expiration date or once your certificate has expired.  You must purchase a new digital id via the following link - prior to the expiration date.


It is not possible to have your existing, installed Digital ID's validity period extended. A new Digital ID is ordered, delivered and needs to be installed. Also, you should not delete your expired Digital ID(s) as this will prevent you from accessing any encrypted mail that was created with the expired Digital ID. Once you enroll for the new Digital ID, you will receive an approval, password and receipt email. 

Note: For secure email users, this also means the new public key for your new Digital ID will need to be distributed to any appropriate recipients.


Purchase Requirements

1.  The purchase process requires the following during the Digital ID enrollment:

  • Email address
  • Valid Credit Card

Please see the following solution INFO848 to enroll for Symantec Digital ID for secure email

After you purchase your new certificate, you will continue to receive emails notifying you that your old certificate will expire.  This is normal and will stop once the certificate has expired.