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Last Modified : 12/08/2020

Device Certificate Services Documents for CI Plus


Download and fill out the resources on this page. Contact CIPlus Service Management for information on the files you need to use.

For a list of licensed customers, see

DigiCert™ On-Boarding Guidelines for Product Manufacturers to the CI Plus Portal 

CI Plus: Authorization of CI Plus Brand Administrators for Company

DigiCert™ Guidelines for Becoming a CI Plus Component Manufacturer Licensee

CI Plus: Interim License Agreement (ILA)

Side letter to the ILA for upgrading already registered devices with USB form factor

CI Plus: MOST Interim License Agreement (MOST ILA)

CI Plus: ILA Addendum for ECP

CI Plus: Content Distributor Agreement (CDA)    

CI Plus: Certificate Supply Agreement    

CI Plus: Company/Brand On-boarding Form        

CI Plus: Registration Application Form

CI Plus: Robustness Certification Checklist

CI Plus: Robustness Certification Checklist for ECP

CI Plus: Forecast Form   

CI Plus: PKI Administrator Revocation Form