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Last Modified : 09/27/2023

Device Certificate Services Documents | CI Plus


Download and fill out the resources on this page. Contact CIPlus Service Management for information on the files you need to use.

See list of licensed customers

DigiCert™ On-Boarding Guidelines for Product Manufacturers to the CI Plus Portal 

CI Plus: Authorization of CI Plus Brand Administrators for Company

DigiCert™ Guidelines for Becoming a CI Plus Component Manufacturer Licensee

CI Plus: Interim License Agreement (ILA)

Side letter to the ILA for upgrading already registered devices with USB form factor

CI Plus: MOST Interim License Agreement (MOST ILA)

CI Plus: ILA Addendum for ECP

CI Plus: Content Distributor Agreement (CDA)    

DigiCert™ Certificate Supply Agreement    

CI Plus: Company/Brand On-boarding Form        

CI Plus: Registration Application Form

CI Plus: Robustness Certification Checklist

CI Plus: Robustness Certification Checklist for ECP

CI Plus: Forecast Form   

CI Plus: PKI Administrator Revocation Form