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Sign! (Windows) Signing with Sign!


The Article describes how to use Sign! to digitally sign a PDF document with your qualified signature.

Please make sure that Sign! has been installed correctly on your computer and that you QuoVadis SuisseID is already activated.

Step 1

Open the Sign! application.  This can be done by navigating to Start > Programs > Sign 5.1 > Sign! 1.5

Step 2

Once Sign! is open, click on File and then Open.  Navigate to the PDF document that you wish to digitally sign.  Alternatively, you may drag and drop PDF files into the Sign! window.

Step 3

Display the page in the right-hand pane that you wish to apply the signature to.  Once the space where you want to sign is displayed, click on the Sign the current document button in the top toolbar.

Step 4

Choose whether you want to place a visible or invisible signature field on the PDF document.  In this example we will use a visible signature field by selecting the Create a new signature field radio button.  Once your choice is selected, click on the Next button.

Step 5

In the space where you want your signature to be seen on the document, drag your mouse cursor from the top left to the bottom right to draw the 'box' where your signature will be applied.

Step 6

Sign! will display all available certificates. Note: If you do not see your certificate displayed here, you may need to select a different card reader from the Card reader: drop down menu.

Once your certificate is available, select and highlight it and click on the Finish button.

Step 7

In the next window, provide your PIN with the onscreen keypad.

Alternatively, you can click on the Use keyboard button and enter in the PIN or Password using your keyboard.

Click on the OK button when you are ready.

Step 8

The following window will appear that confirms you have successfully applied your digital signature:

The signature is presented as the following: