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How do I install a digital certificate onto my BlackBerry device using BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.1?


This document will take you through the process of installing digital certificates on your BlackBerry device using BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.1.

Click on Tools and then click on Desktop options...

In the General tab, check the User certificate synchronization checkbox.

Click on OK in the Desktop options window.

Back in the BlackBerry Desktop Software main menu, the Certificates option will appear.  Click on this option.

Connect your BlackBerry device and type in your device password if prompted.

Note: If this is your first time setting up certificates on your device, you will need to specify a new key store password.  This password set here will be needed every time you either try to digitally sign an email or when you try to open an encrypted email.

Type in either your current key store password or create a new one.

The BlackBerry Desktop Software will compile a list of certificates currently found in your computer.  In order to add a certificate, you can either select the checkbox of the certificate you wish to install or supply a PKCS#12 (*.p12 or *.pfx) file to install directly on your BlackBerry.