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How do I publish my certificate to GAL?


When a user publishes a certificate to GAL, they place a copy of their public key on the Exchange Server.  When another user within the same Exchange environment tries to encrypt to that email address on the same server, they do not need to manually add the recipient as an Outlook contact and then add their certificate (public key) to that contact.

Note: This will only work if you have a Digital Certificate assigned in your Outlook Trust Center for email signing.

  1. With Microsoft Outlook open, click on Tools and then select "Trust Center" towards the bottom.

  2. In the resulting new window, select "E-mail Security" at the side.

  3. Underneath the Digital IDs (Certificates) setting, click on "Publish to GAL".

  4. A new window will appear and prompt you, "Microsoft Office Outlook is about to publish your default security certificates to the Global Address List." Click OK.

  5. Microsoft Office Publishing to GAL

  6. Your certificates should have published to GAL successfully.