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How do I revoke my Digital Certificate in an Emergency?


How do I revoke my Digital Certificate in an Emergency?


In the event of an internet or communications outage Digital certificates may be revoked by Authorised persons including Digital Certificate Holders by contacting QuoVadis directly by telephone.  It is recommended that this page is printed off and retained as a hard copy as you may not have direct access to it during an internet outage.

To revoke a digital certificate please call one of the following numbers:

QuoVadis Bermuda +1 441 278 2810
QuoVadis Belgium +31 (0) 30 2324320
QuoVadis Germany +49 (0) 89 452 45 85
QuoVadis Netherlands +31 30 232 43 20
QuoVadis Switzerland +41 71 272 60 60
QuoVadis United Kingdom +44 (0) 1205 751651
QuoVadis 24 hour call centre (for out of office hours) +1 651 229 3456

During this call, please be sure to provide the following details:  

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Company or Organisation
  • Your Contact details (please provide two telephone numbers if possible as well as an email address)
  • Indicate that you have digital certificates that need to be revoked

A QuoVadis employee will call back and may request the following information:

Certificate Common Name
Certificate Serial Number
Your Revocation Passphrase
The Answers to the Secret Questions that you set
The Reason for Certificate Revocation

If this information is not readily available QuoVadis may revoke certificates at their discretion.  They may also contact Company Administrators for further information.

For Swiss Qualified and Swiss Regulated Certificates, QuoVadis will ask you to provide your consent to publish the revocation reason.