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Initialising an iKey Token


How do I initialise and personalise my iKey USB token?


New iKeys must be initialized before keys, certificates, or other items may be stored on them. The initialization process also removes existing items from the iKey, leaving only the serial number and the token label intact. Initialization can also be used to unlock a blocked iKey.

Warning! Do not perform this process once you have personalised your iKey. Initialization removes all information except the serial number and the token label. All your certificates and keys are destroyed and your administrator will need to replace your certificates for you.

To initialise a token using CIP utilities:

  1. To start CIP Utilities, from the Start menu, select Programs > SafeNet Inc> iKey Software > CIP Utilities.
  2. Right-click the iKey, then select Initialize Token from the shortcut menu. The Token Initialisation dialog box appears.
  3. Read the warning messages, then click Continue Initialisation.
  4. Click OK.

Before you can use the iKey, you should personalise it by changing the pass phrase, selecting a new token label, and setting the iKey’s inactivity timer.

Changing the iKey’s Pass Phrase
The iKey pass phrase is used to protect and activate your iKey. You can change your pass phrase at any time. 

Be careful when typing your old pass phrase, because entering the wrong pass phrase too many times will result in your iKey becoming permanently blocked.

  1. Right click on the iKey whose pass phrase you want to change, then select Change Pass Phrase from the shortcut menu.
  2. In the Old Pass Phrase field, enter your old (current) pass phrase.
  3. In the New Pass Phrase field, enter your new pass phrase.   The minimum length of a passphrase is four alphanumeric characters, and the maximum length is 20 alphanumeric characters. You may also use spaces, so that your pass phrase consists of more than one word. A space counts as a character.
  4. In the Reenter New Pass Phrase field, enter your new pass phrase again for confirmation.
  5. Click OK

Note: You can also use the seperate Pass Phrase Utility to change your token passphrase.

Changing the iKey’s Token Label
The token label is a user-friendly label used to identify the iKey. If no label has been assigned to the iKey, this field defaults to the iKey serial number.

  1. Right-click the iKey whose label you want to change, then select Change Label from the shortcut menu.
  2. In the Token Label field, enter the new label. The label can be from 1 to 32 characters long.
  3. Click OK.
  4. To view the token label, select the iKey; the label is displayed in the right pane.

Setting the Inactivity Timer
The inactivity timer allows you to configure how long the application being used with the iKey can remain idle before it automatically logs off from the iKey. Note: CIP Utilities does not enforce the inactivity timer. The timer is used only by applications using the CSP (typically Microsoft applications such as Outlook or Internet Explorer).

  1. Right-click the iKey you want to configure the inactivity timer for, then select Change Inactivity Timer from the shortcut menu that appears. The Token Inactivity Timer window appears.
  2. In the Minutes field, use the up and down arrows to specify the number of minutes the application can remain idle before it times out. You can also enter a value directly into the Minutes field. Valid values range from 1 - 240.
  3. Click OK.