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Trusting QuoVadis in Adobe Acrobat


How do I add the QuoVadis root to Adobe Acrobat so that digital signatures will validate properly?


In order to properly validate digital signatures that are created in Adobe Acrobat using QuoVadis certificates the QuoVadis root must be imported.  There are several ways to do this.

Option 1:  Import QuoVadis FDF file (recommended)

  1. Download "QuoVadis-Root.fdf" (FDF files are used to share Acrobat settings.)
  2. Click to open the "QuoVadis-Root.fdf" file, or open it using your Acrobat software.
  3. Select "Set Contact Trust".
  4. Check the boxes "Signatures and as trusted root" and "Certified documents".
  5. Click OK.

Option 2:  Change Acrobat's Certificate Store

You also have the option to allow the software to trust all of the certificates in the Windows Certificate Store, instead of using Acrobat's own trust anchor store.  This means that Acrobat would be able to validate certificates from any provider in the Windows root store.

  1. Within the Edit menu, select Preferences, and then Security.
  2. Click on the Advanced Preferences button, and then on the Windows Integration tab.
  3. You can then choose to either trust certificates in the Store for validating standard signatures and/or certification signatures.