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How do generate a CSR for Novell ConsoleOne?


How do generate a CSR for Novell ConsoleOne?


This guide will take you through the process of creating a CSR on Novell ConsoleOne.

  1. Open up Novell ConsoleOne on your server.

  2. Click the new object icon and in the dialog, select NDSPKI:Key Material as the type.

  3. When asked, select the server you wish to apply the certificate to.

  4. Select the Custom radio button from the list as the creation type and then click on Next.

  5. Select External Certificate Authority as the Certification Authority.

  6. Next, select 2048 bits as the RSA key size and mark the private key to be exported.  Click on Next.

  7. Next you will have to edit the subject name of the Certificate Parameters.  These are the fields that will populate the certificate.

  8. Note: Unlike most SubjectDN entries, the input that is expected does not use the comma symbol (,), but instead uses the period symbol(.).
  9. Select the SHA1 algorithm.  Click on Next.

  10. When satisfied, click on the Finish button.  Your CSR will be generated into a *.b64 file.

  11. Submit the CSR to QuoVadis for processing.

  12. Note: Remember the name that you choose for the certificate object as you will install the certificate response from QuoVadis into the same object to complete the installation.