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How do I generate a CSR on Plesk 9


How do I generate a CSR on Plesk 9?


This knowledge base article explains the process for generating a CSR on Plesk 9.

  1. Login to the Plesk Control Panel.

  2. In the Domains section, click on the Domains icon.

  3. Click on the domain name that you would like to install an SSL certificate onto.

  4. Under the Additional Tools sections, click on the SSL Certificates icon.

  5. Under the SSL Certificates heading, click on the Add New Certificate icon in the Tools section.

  6. You will see the Create a new SSL certificate for domain screen.  Enter in the following information according to the list below:

  7. In the Certificates section:

    Certificate name - Enter a name for the certificate in the field.  This is the name that will identify the certificate on Plesk.

    In the Preferences section:

    Bits - Select 2048 from the drop down list.

    Country - Select the country from the drop-list where your Organisation is incorporated.

    State or province - Spell out the state completely; do not abbreviate the parish, state or province name, for example: Pembroke or Georgia.

    Location (City) - The locality field is the city or town name, for example: Hamilton or London.

    Organization name (company) - This is the legal name of your organisation.

    Organization department/division name - This optional field is the name of the department or other group making the request.

    Domain name - This will be the Common Name of the certificate.  The Common Name is the Host + Domain Name.  It looks like or

    E-mail - Enter in an e-mail address that will be visible in the certificate.

  8. When you have entered in all of the criteria, click on the Request button underneath the E-mail field.

  9. Back in the SSL Certificates screen, scroll down and click on the certificate name that you just created.

  10. In the Edit SSL Certificate domain name screen, highlight all the text underneath the CSR heading; including the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST---- and -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST lines.

  11. Note: Do not highlight any of the information underneath Private Key.  The information underneath the Private Key heading is your private key and should never leave the server.

  12. Once the CSR has been highlighted, copy it and submit it to QuoVadis.