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SSL/TLS User Interface Changes in Chrome Browser


To help users make security decisions, the  Chrome browser indicates site security with an icon in the address bar.  


Starting in Chrome 52 on Mac desktop, and in Chrome 53 on other platforms, the security icons are redesigned by Google to make it easier for users verify that their connection to a website is secure, and whether the site is dangerous or deceptive.



The new icons use a distinct combination of color and shape for each security state. The states are modeled after ISO iconography standards: the circle-i for information and the triangle for caution.  The familiar padlock for secure HTTPS is retained in green, as is the enhanced UI for Extended Validation (EV) SSL:



The changes are based on a research paper prepared by Google and the University of California, Berkeley. The research evaluated forty icons, seven complementary strings and surveyed 1,329 people.


These changes may be significant as Chrome represents 50 to 70 percent of deployed browsers. Site administrators are encouraged to perform best practices to ensure their site security is represented by the green HTTPS padlock.