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How do I install a certificate onto Novell ConsoleOne?


How do I install a certificate onto Novell ConsoleOne?


Part I - Obtaining the P7B File

Due to the way that Novell ConsoleOne installs its certificates, you must obtain a PKCS#7 file (*.p7b).  This file contains multiple certificate in a single file.  You can obtain this file directly from Trust/Link in the advanced options section. You will need to rename this file to *.p7b.

  1. On the Trust/Link certificate download page, click on the P7C download option underneath Advanced options at the bottom of the page.  This file should contain the SSL certificate, root certificate and any intermediate certificates required.

  2. Change the file extension from *.p7c to *.p7b.

  3. Copy this P7B file to the server ready for Part II.

Part II - Installing the Certificate and Chaining Certificates

  1. Open up Novell ConsoleOne on your server.

  2. In the Public Key Certificate tab, click on the Import button.

  3. Select the No Trusted Root Certificate Available checkbox. Click Next.

  4. Select the P7B file you created previously in this guide.

  5. Note: A warning may appear during this process that says, "The subject name requested when the key pair was generated does not match the subject name in the certificate being stored...".  This message can be ignored.

  6. Click on the OK button and the certificate will still import.

  7. Note: When you click on the Validate button to validate the SSL certificate, you may receive an error that says, "Cannot read certificate revocation list." This error can be ignored as the CRL and OCSP checks are performed on the client's browser.

  8. Once the certificate has been installed into the object, you must assign it to Apache through the httpd.conf file and restart the Apache service.