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How to Log into Trust/Link SSL on Mac OS X (Leopard)


How do I log into my Trust/Link Administrator account on Mac OS X (Leopard)?


Note: The default scenario for Trust/Link is using a browser on a Windows-based computer.  With this said, it is still possible to access your Administrator account using Apple OS X (Leopard) and Safari, if your AdminID certificate and identity preference are configured correctly.

This document assumes that you already have your AdminID certificate installed in the Keychain Access on the Mac. This includes the private key which is shown as a silver key in front of the certificate name. Installing a .p12/.pfx file will ensure the entire certificate is installed.

Part I - Setting up an Identity Preference

Part I only needs to be completed once if you have your certificate installed directly on your computer. Setting up an Identity Preference will still work if your certificate is on an iKey token, however this is not recommended for OS X (Leopard) as every time you remove your iKey, you may need to reset your Identity Preference.  The following applies to the Apple Safari browser only. 

  1. Open Keychain Access. This can be done by going to Finder, then in the top menu, clicking on Go, then Applications. When the new window opens, click on Keychain Access.

  2. If you haven't aready, import your certificate.

  3. Right click (ctrl + click) on your AdminID certificate and in the drop down menu, click on Identity Preference.

  4. A new window will appear. Type in "" in the Location or Email Address field (do not include the " "). Ensure that your AdminID certificate is selected in the Certificate drop down field.

  5. Click on Add.

  6. In the Keychain Access window, right click (ctrl + click) on your AdminIDcertificate and click on Identity Preference again.

  7. This time in the new window, type in "" in the Location or Email Address field (again, do not include the " "). Ensure that the same certificate as step 4 is selected in the drop down field.

Part II - Authenticating to Trust/Link

Part II assumes that you have set up two Identity Preferences as stated in Part I. Each time you want to log into Trust/Link, you simply have to follow Part II.

  1. Open up your Safari Browser and Navigate to

  2. Once there click on the Administrators button.

  3. A window MAY appear that states, "Safari wants to sign using key "<private key>" in your keychain. Click on Allow.

If you are still unable to authenticate into your Trust/Link SSL account, empty the cache (click on Safari in the top menu and click on Empty Cache) and quit Safari (Apple key + Q), then repeat Part I and Part II.