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Understanding the Trust/Link Downloads Page


This guide will help you to understand the certificate download page within Trust/Link so that you can better understand what is required during an installation and to better understand what is required when viewing our Knowledgebase articles.


The downloads page contains the text based PEM format of:

  • The end entity SSL certificate that you applied for
  • Any intermediate (sometimes called chaining) certificates that you need
  • The root certificate at the top of the certificate hierarchy

This is the format of the certificates downloads page:


On each certificate, you can either copy the PEM text from each of the certificates that you need, or you can click on the Download certificate icon next to the boxes to download a PEM encoded *.crt file. The method that you choose may vary on the server type you are installing the certificate on.


Advanced Options

There are also advanced download options at the bottom of the page.


PEM with chain - This downloads a PEM encoded *.crt that includes all the certificates in the chain with the root certificate at the bottom.  If you open this file using a text editor, you can see this.

DER (bincary encoded) - This downloads a DER encoded *.crt file.  This is a binary encoded version of the certificate which cannot be viewed in a text editor.  Some servers require you to install DER instead of PEM.

P7C - This downloads a P7C file of all the certificates bundled together.  This file can be changed to *.p7b if that is also required.