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Deprecation of OU field in Trusted TLS/SSL from QuoVadis



QuoVadis deprecated the Organizational Unit (OU) field for inclusion in trusted TLS/SSL starting September 1, 2020.


Why is the OU field being removed?

The OU field allows optional metadata to be stored in a certificate.  However, its intended purpose is limited and is subject to validation requirements. To reduce confusion around this optional field and to improve validation times, we have removed it from QuoVadis trusted TLS/SSL certificates.


How does this affect me?

After September 1 the OU field will be ignored in CSR submissions, and will the OU will not be present in all new, renewed, and reissued issued public TLS certificates.

This change will not affect previously issued certificates with a valid OU field. 

This does not affect private TLS/SSL certificates or other types on non-TLS certificates.