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Intermediate CA Revocations - January 2021


As part of our efforts to remain current with browser root store compliance requirements and to advance industry best practices, QuoVadis has been rotating intermediate certificate authorities and providing new intermediates over the last several months.


Accordingly, on January 14, 2021, QuoVadis revoked legacy certificates for the following CA versions:

Name SHA256 Fingerprint of Revoked Version
QuoVadis Global SSL ICA G2


QuoVadis Global SSL ICA G3


QuoVadis Grid ICA G2


QuoVadis Enterprise Trust CA 2 G3


End entity certificates issued after September 22, 2020 were issued with the new chain and not impacted. End entity certificates issued before that date may require the new intermediate CA installed in the chain. The current/updated CA certificates have been delivered via TrustLink Enterprise and the
QuoVadis Repository since September 2020, when the intermediate CA rotations began. 


The updated intermediate CA versions are:


We understand the inconvenience this may cause some administrators, and our local support teams continue to assist any customer in need. We invite those requiring assistance to contact us at For documentation on how to chain to the new intermediates, please see the knowledge base at: