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How do I install my AdminID for Trust/Link Enterprise on my browser?


How do I install my AdminID for Trust/Link Enterprise into my browser?


When you have been appointed an Administrator for Trust/Link, you will need to obtain an AdminID in order to log in.  AdminIDs are the names given specifically to certificates used to log into Trust/Link.  This guide shows the process of installing one onto your browser.

  1. You will receive a Notification email from Trust/Link..  Click on the Link in the email.

  2. At the Registrant Confirmation page, type in your Email Address and the Shared Secret Answer.
    • If your Shared Secret is Out-of-Band, you will need to contact the Administrator who set you up in order to obtain it.
    • If there is a Shared Secret Question being asked, you will need to type in the answer in the format requested.

  3. Confirm that your details are correct.  If they are not correct, you will need to contact your Administrator.

  4. Create a password and then type in the same password again.  This password must be between 6 and 12 characters long with at least one capital letter, one numeric character and one symbol.  As you satisfy these requirements, the red x's underneath will turn into green check marks.
    • High - Setting the security level to high will require a password each time you access the certificate.  This is a password that you set. QuoVadis recommends this settings.

    • Medium - Setting the security level to medium will prompt you accept that the certificate is being used each time.  You will not be required to set a password for this option.

  5. Confirm

    Optional: Setting Security Level with Internet Explorer
    If you are generating this certificate in Internet Explorer, you will need to set the security level of the certificate.  Click on the Set Security Level button to choose from two options.

    FinishOKCreating a new RSA exchange key


  6. Your private key will be created on the browser and the certificate will be sent to the CA to be processed.

  7. You will receive another email from Trust/Link. Click on the link in this email.

  8. Type in your Email Address and the Certificate Password you created in step 4.

  9. Click on the Install Your Certificate button.

  10. Note:

    Additional Note:This Web site is attempting to perform a digital certificate operation on your behalfYes