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How to Set the Certificate Security Level on Windows 7?


How to Set the Certificate Security Level (CryptoAPI Private Key) on Windows 7?


Depending on your configuration in the QuoVadis Trust/Link system, there are instances where on Windows 7 you will be required to set a password to protect your certificate.  This guide demonstrates the process to enable this security.

When you receive the first email from Trust/Link as a registrant, it is mandatory to set a Certificate Password.  Once you have completed this, scroll to the bottom at click on the Confirm button.

At this point a window named Creating a new RSA exchange key will appear.  The OK button will be greyed out.  Click on the Set Security Level... button.

The Create a Password window will appear.  Please edit the following fields:

Password for: - Provide a "friendly name" for this certificate.  The default is CryptoAPI Private Key.  Note: This friendly name is limited to 20 characters.

Password: - Type in the password that will be used to access this certificate.  This can be the same as the Certificate Password you set in Trust/Link or it can be something different.  Note: Your chosen password must comply with the password complexity rules defined for your computer.

Confirm: - Type in the same password as the field above to help ensure that there are not typos.

Once you have finished, click on the Finish button.

Back in the Creating a new RSA exchange key window, the OK button will now be enabled.  Click on the OK button to finished the initial process.

Accessing Your Certificate

Every time the protected certificate is accessed, you must Grant permission to the certificate.  The following demonstrates what to expect when this happens.

Navigate to the website or open the application (or function) that requires use of the certificate.

The Request For Permission to Use a Key window will appear.

Select the Grant permission radio button and type your password into the Key protection password: field.

Once you have finished, click on the OK button.

This will enable use of the certificate until the next time you need it.