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International and Regional Validation Resources


MMAVIS by Jurisdiction
Proof of Right (POR) Sources
Trademark Source (Organizational Unit) EMEA only
City Geographical Names
WHOIS Lookup 
Telephone Sources
     General procedure
Lawyer Lookup
Accountant Lookup
Notary Lookup (EMEA only) 

MMAVIS by Jurisdiction

If the county validation page not listed in this solution: 

  1. Visit the ISO portal, Online Browsing Platform (OBP) to identify the country of enrollment officially assigned two letter code
  2. Contact Support, see related link to the right of the page KB (Knowledge Base) Request Approval Guidelines



Rest of America

Anguilla (AI) Antigua and Barbuda (AG) Argentina (AR) Aruba (AW)
Bahamas (BS) Barbados (BB) Bermuda (BM) Belize (BZ)
Bolivia (BO) Brazil (BR) British Virgin Islands (VG) Cayman Islands (KY)
Chile (CL) Colombia (CO) Costa Rica (CR) Curacao (CW)
Dominica (DM) Dominican Republic (DO) Ecuador (EC) El Salvador (SV)
Guatemala (GT) Honduras (HN) Jamaica (JM) Montserrat (MS)
Mexico (MX) Nicaragua (NI) Palau (PW) Panama (PA)
Paraguay (PY) Peru (PE) Puerto Rico (PR) Saint Helena (SH)
Saint Kitts-Nevis (KN) Saint Lucia (LC) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VC) Trinidad and Tobago (TT)
Suriname (SR) Turks and Caicos (TC) Uruguay (UY) US Virgin Islands (VI)
Venezuela (VE)



APAC English

Australia (AU) American Samoa (AS) Cook Islands (CK) Fiji (FJ)
Christmas Island (CX) Federated States of Micronesia (FM) French Polynesia (FP)      Guam (GU)
Maldives (MV) New Caledonia (NC) Niue (NU) New Zealand (NZ)
Papua New Guinea (PG) Palau (PW) Samoa (WS) Solomon Islands (SB)   
Tokelau (TK) Tonga (TO) Vanuatu (VU)

Asia English

Afghanistan (AF)
Bangladesh (BD)   Brunei Darussalam (BN) Bhutan (BT)
Hong Kong (HK) India (IN) Cambodia (KH) Laos (LA)
Myanmar (MM) Malaysia (MY) Nepal  (NP) Pakistan (PK)
Philippines (PH) Singapore (SG) Sri Lanka (LK)

Asia Non-English

Indonesia (ID) Japan (JP) South Korea (KR) Mongolia (MN)
Thailand (TH) Vietnam (VN)

Asia Chinese

China (CN)                       Macau (MO)                   Taiwan (TW)                



Austria (AT) Germany (DE) Liechtenstein (LI) Switzerland (CH)


EMEA English

Botswana (BW) British Virgin Islands (VG) Cyprus (CY) Djibouti (DJ)
Ethiopia (ET) Gambia (GM) Ghana (GH) Gibraltar (GI)
Great Britain (GB) Greece (GR) Guernsey (GG) Ireland (IE) 
Isle of Man (IM) Israel (IL) Isle of Jersey (JE)      Kenya (KE)
Lesotho (LS) Liberia (LR) Malawi (MW) Malta (MT)
Namibia (NA) Netherlands (NL) Nigeria (NG) Rwanda (RW)              
Sao Tome and Principe(ST) Sierra Leone (SL) South Africa (ZA) Somalia (SO)
Swaziland (SZ) Tanzania (TZ) Turkey (TR) Uganda (UG)
Zambia (ZM) Zimbabwe (ZW)  

Eastern Europe

Albania (AL) Armenia (AM) Azerbaijan (AZ) Belarus (BY)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) Bulgaria (BG) Croatia (HR) Czech Republic (CZ)
Estonia (EE) Country of Georgia (GE) Hungary (HU) Kazakhstan (KZ)
Kosovo (XX) Kyrgyzstan (KG) Latvia (LV) Lithuania (LT)
Macedonia (MK) Moldova (MD) Mongolia (MN) Montenegro (ME)
Poland (PL) Romania (RO) Russia (RU) Serbia (RS)
Slovak Republic (SK) Slovenia (SI) Tajikistan (TJ) Turkmenistan (TM)
Ukraine (UA) Uzbekistan (UZ)


French and African Countries

Belgium (BE) Benin (BJ) Burkina Faso (BF) Burundi (BI)
Cameroon (CM) Chad (TD) Congo (CG) Cote D'Ivoire (CI)
Central African Republic (CF) Democratic Republic of the Congo (CD) Eritrea (ER) France (FR)
Gabon (GA) Guinea (GN) Luxembourg (LU) Madagascar (MG)
Mali (ML) Mauritania (MR) Mauritius (MU) Monaco (MC)
Niger (NE) Saint Pierre and Miquelon (PM) Senegal (SN) Seychelles (SC)
Togo (TG)


Andorra (AD) Angola (AO) Cabo Verde (CV) Equatorial Guinea (GQ)
Holy See (Vatican City State) (VA) Italy (IT) Mozambique (MZ)  Portugal (PT)
San Marino (SM) Spain (ES)

Middle East

Afghanistan (AF) Algeria (DZ) Bahrain (BH) Egypt (EG)
Iraq (IQ) Jordan (JO) Kuwait (KW) Lebanon (LB)
Libya (LY) Morocco (MA) Oman (OM) Qatar (QA)
Saudi Arabia (SA) Tunisia (TN) United Arab Emirates (AE) Yemen (YE)


Denmark (DK) Faroe Islands (FO) Finland (FI) Greenland (GL)
Iceland (IS) Norway (NO) Sweden (SE)

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Proof of Right (POR) Sources

International POR Sources

United Nations Organizations Good for EV
  • The Organization chart can be used to authenticate United Nations Organizations
  • If a third party number is unavailable, call (212) 963-1234 to obtain the number
Paid Proof or Right (POR) Databases ( SO12995)

Includes procedure for Hoovers, Global CIS and Global A&V

EMEA POR Sources

European Union - Institutions and Bodies Good for EV

Under EU institutions in brief, select the matching organization name to confirm the establishment date.
European Business Register (EBR) Good for EV ( SO12347)

Each country has a specific set of instructions for validation  

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Trademark Source (Organizational Unit) EMEA only

Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market Valid for Organizational Unit (Only European countries) 
Valid for fTLD: Only Domain Name String


  1. Enter the name under Find term and search
  2. Select the matching record for full report
  3. The Trade mark name should appear above the Application Number field
  4. Record the following in the order:
    • Application number
    • Registration number
    • Registration Office 
    • Registration Date 
    • Registration Expiry
    • Current trade mark status should be Registered
    • Owner Name 


City Geographical Names

UNGEGN World Geographical Names

This source can be used only when the City value is obtained from an approved source that does not use a Latin character set (such as: Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Indian, and Thai) 
  1. Select Country from the drop down box
  2. Select City from map or scroll down to Capital City or other major Cities
  3. Once located use the English City Name (for example: Russian Capital City: Москва, In English: Moscow)


WHOIS Lookup

International WHOIS Lookup

  1. Enter domain name in the Please Enter A Domain Name field 
  2. Click submit
  1. Enter domain name in the Enter domain name... ex.: field
  2. Click Search WHOIS

EMEA WHOIS Lookup (European Union countries)

  1. Select WHOIS tab
  2. Enter the domain name in WHOIS search box and Search
  3. Select matching images and Verify to proceed
  4. Domain Status must be In Use
    • If the following message appears: ''domain name reserved by the EU institutions and bodies (ec874-2004)", send a registrar letter to EURid at

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Telephone Sources    
    General procedure


General procedure

International dialing codes (Specific Country Calling codes)
Language Line Call Translation Procedure ( SO9110)


Google Business
  • Important: Only claimed business listings can be used
  • Listings with options: Claim this business or Own this business? Are not acceptable


Toll Free Directory Assistance 

Directory Assistance by phone: 411 or 1-800-555-1212


South Pacific Islands Telephone Directories
Directory Assistance from Australia
  • Domestic procedure (obtain a phone number within Australia): Dial 1223
  • International procedure (obtain a phone number outside Australia): Dial 1225


Directory Assistance from Ireland
  • Domestic procedure (obtain a phone number within Ireland, including Northern Ireland):
    Dial 11850, 11890, or 11811
  • International procedure (obtain a phone number outside Ireland, including the UK):
    Dial 11860, 11891, or 11818

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Lawyer Lookup

The International Bar Association
The attached file: (BIC_MemberOrganisations_Jan_09[1]), list can be a useful for finding the authority responsible for registering lawyers in a particular country


Accountant Lookup 

International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)
If a country's accounting body is listed as a member (not an "Associates or Affiliates) then that body is approved to verify the status of an accountant


Notary Lookup (EMEA only)

European Directory of Notaries (EDN) 
  1. Choose a Country from the drop down selection, then enter the required notary information and Search
  2. Enter CAPTCHA to continue  
  3. Click the matching notary person name for the address, email and phone number
    • Listed notaries are active


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