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Alibaba - Organization Authentication


Government Proof of Right (POR) database
Dun & Bradstreet
Official POR document
VAT certificate, Bank Letter, or Solicitor Letter
Previous authentication
Multiple orders


For Alibaba organization authentication, Symantec is required to verify that:

  • The organization is registered and active 
  • The organization name matches the official registration (including corporate identifier)
  • A Proof of Right (POR) document is received for all enrollments


​​Orders originated from any forbidden country must be reviewed in accordance with (SO11422). Flags are processed according to standard procedure

Organization name match, when customer enrolls with:

  • Full legal name: follow the OV Name Match rule ( SO8128)
  • Assumed Name (DBA): follow the Organization Validation (OV) procedure ( SO11113)

Proof of Right (POR) document:
In order to proceed with organization authentication, a POR document is required, the document: 

  • Must be provided by Alibaba or the customer and submitted to customer support
  • Must meet the minimum set requirements outlined under the Official POR Document section below 
  • Must be uploaded into DMS
  • Must escalate any fraudulent documents that we come across directly to Jamie Hl at

If the customer cannot provide a POR document (even if we can validate the organization through an online source), the order must be rejected

  • A screenshot of the organization’s record in a corresponding online database is not acceptable
  • Customer support should not download a copy of the POR document from an available online database, since the document must be submitted by Alibaba or the customer

Acceptable resources to validate the organization are below.

Government Proof of Right (POR) database
Alibaba organization authentication via government POR database is identical to OV for SSL. Use the resources available to search for the organization registration:

The Organization Registration Information fields in MMAVIS must be updated with the information from the POR resource: 

  • The official ISO country code for the country where the organization is registered must be used.
    • Special condition for the United Kingdom: both GB and UK are acceptable
  • Global A&V reports are not acceptable for Alibaba authentication
  • If the organization name is abbreviated, incomplete, or has a typo, the order must be updated to match the registered name. No approval from Alibaba is necessary. Denied lists must be checked ( SO8199):
    • Add a comment to the status page: “Incomplete company name, change from <original organization name> to <updated organization name>”


Dun & Bradstreet
Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) report can be used in the absence of a government database. The same D&B requirements from OV orders apply ( SO12995):

  • Primary name or trade styles must match the enrolling organization exactly
  • The following fields for Organization Registration Information must be left blank:
    • Registration Number (unless the report lists a National ID)
    • Registration Agency
    • License Start Date


Official POR document
An official POR document or business registration document is acceptable to approve the organization in the absence of a government POR database or D&B report.

Cross reference the POR document with the online POR database. If the following applies, organization name can be approved:

  • The organization name matches and the status is listed as active or registered

The official POR document does not need to be confirmed with the registration agency if the following requirements are met:

  1. Must be issued by a Government Agency
  2. Must contain the organization name (including corporate identifier)
  3. Must contain the document title or type (for example: Articles of Incorporation)
  4. Must contain proof of filing. Proof of filing exists if one of the following elements appears in the document:
    • Official government mark (for example: stamp, seal, or crest)
    • Filing date (stamped)
    • Filing Number (stamped)
    • Registration or company number
    • Signature from a government official
  5. Cannot be expired

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VAT certificate, Bank Letter, or Solicitor Letter 
For Sole Proprietors in countries where Sole Proprietorships are not registered, a VAT certificate, Bank Letter, or Solicitor Letter are acceptable:

The fields for Organization Registration Information must be completed with the following information:

  • Registration Number: Not Applicable
  • Registration Agency: Sole Proprietor


Previous authentication
Alibaba organization authentication is required for every new or renewal order. Previous authentication is not acceptable. However, a POR document received on a previous order can be re-used as long as the document is still valid:

  • Add comment to the audit trail with all details of previously received POR: organization name, address, document expiration date.
    • If no expiration date, confirm the expiration date as N/A and you must check against the POR database (if available) to ensure the organization is still registered.
    • ​If no POR database is available, you must request the POR document again.


Multiple orders
The price of duplicate orders can be waived and is applicable only when the following criteria are met:

  • Alibaba has multiple orders for one organization enrolled at the same time so that processing can be done at the same time
  • All information on the order must match including the contact’s information
  • If above criteria are met, we can zero out the price of duplicate orders in Ops and charge Alibaba for the price of one order 



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