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Solution ID : SO11806

Last Modified : 05/18/2018

Install and backup an Adobe AIR certificate


To install a certificate for Adobe AIR, the certificate must be picked up using Mozilla Firefox on the same computer and user account that was used to enroll the certificate. Other browsers will not work.


When the certificate is issued, an approval e-mail will be received by the technical contact with a retrieval URL (e.g.,

Open the retrieval URL in Firefox, enter the PIN and click Continue. The certificate will automatically be installed; upon a successful installation, the following prompt will appear:

Your personal certificate has been installed. You should keep a backup copy of this certificate.

If the wrong computer or user account has been used when installing the certificate, the following message will appear:

This personal certificate can't be installed because you do not own the corresponding private key which was created when the certificate was requested.


  1. Go to the Tools menu, select Options.
  2. Go to the Advanced section, select the Encryption tab.
  3. Click the View Certificates button. The Certificate Manager window will appear.
  4. Ensure the Your Certificates tab is selected. The Adobe AIR certificate should appear in the list below.
  5. Highlight the Adobe AIR certificate, click Backup button.
  6. Choose a directory and file name for the certificate, click the Save button.
  7. If prompted, enter the master password for the Software Security Device (i.e., the master password for stored passwords and certificates in Firefox), click the OK button.
  8. Select and type a password in the two fields, click the OK button.
  9. A prompt will appear indicating the certificate has been backed up. Click OK button, close the Certificate Manager window.

For information on signing Adobe AIR applications, refer to article SO10161.