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What is a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)?


A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a binary file generated from the Web server that is used to request a certificate. When you submit a CSR to Symantec during enrollment, the data within the CSR is used to create a unique digital certificate for a particular device. A CSR is also known as the public key.

The first step in installing a SSL certificate is to generate a CSR from the Web server to which the certificate will be installed. For your convenience, Symantec provides  CSR generation instructions for some of the more common Web servers here.
If you do not see your Web server platform, please contact the Web server vendor directly for further information.

Note: If you have a hosting company, you may need to contact the host to create the CSR file.
When generating your CSR, Symantec strongly recommends you specify a different location and file name. Overwriting files may cause corruption issues. If your Web server is hosted by a Web hosting company, please contact them directly for the proper procedures in obtaining a CSR. Many times, they will need to generate the CSR for you, as they are the administrators of the Web server.