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Solution ID : SO12472

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

Partner Credit Card Payment Failed - Pay-As-You-Go Contract


Partner Center
Partner Program

My partner contract is updated, but pending orders are not issued.

How do I settle payment if credit card on contract has failed in my Partner Center account?

Where can I update my Pay-As-You-Go contract in my partner account?

NOTE: This solution does not apply to retail orders.


If the credit card information from your Pay-As-You-Go contract cannot be fulfilled on an individual certificate request, the request will not issue until payment is updated for the specific order.


To settle payment:


1. Login to your Partner Center account, click Update Credit Card, and enter new credit card details. This will update your Pay-As-You-Go contract on future Certificate orders, but will not be automatically applied to requests placed beforehand. A Customer Support representative must manually update or re-try payment on all pending requests. If the credit card information does not require a change, and needs to be re-tried, please skip to option 2.


2. Contact Partner Customer Support (see  SO12486) to provide the CCV authorization code (3 digit code on back of card) as verification.