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Solution ID : SO12551

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

Generate CSR on Plesk 9.2


Generate CSR on Plesk 9.2


To generate a CSR on Plesk 9.2 perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Domains > domain name > SSL Certificates (in the Additional Tools group). A list of SSL certificates that you have in your repository will be displayed.
  2. Click Add SSL Certificate.
  3. Specify the certificate properties:
  4. Certificate name. This will help you identify this certificate in the repository.
  5. Encryption level. Choose the encryption level of your SSL certificate. We recommend that you choose a value of 2048 bit.
  6. Specify your location,legal organization name and organisational unit/department. The values you enter should not exceed the length of 64 symbols.
  7. Specify the domain name for which you wish to purchase an SSL certificate. This should be a fully qualified domain name. Example:
  8. Enter the domain administrator's e-mail address.

    Note: Make sure that all the provided information is correct and accurate, as it will be used to generate your private key.
  9. Click Request. Your private key and certificate signing request will be generated and stored in the repository.
  10. In the list of certificates, click the name of the certificate you need. A page showing the certificate properties opens.
  11. Locate the CSR section on the page, and copy the text that starts with the line -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- and ends with the line -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- to the clipboard.
  12. You can now begin the enrollment process. When you are prompted to specify CSR text, paste the data from the clipboard into the online form and click Continue. We will create an SSL certificate in accordance with the information you supplied.