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Solution ID : SO128

Last Modified : 06/20/2018

How to add an additional domain to a Managed PKI for SSL account?


Managed PKI for SSL administrators can register additional domains name for their account through the Control Center.
  1. Go to
  2. From the top menu, click Configuration.
  3. From the list, click Domains.
  4. Click Add Domains.
  5. Enter the additional root domain name (i.e. in the enrollment form.
  6. Select one or more organizations in the account to be associated with the domain.
Note: The corresponding organizations must be the registered owners of each additional domain.

The following request is submitted for Enterprise customer support for approval. Once approved, the new domain names will appear in the Managed PKI for SSL account.

If approval assistance is needed, contact the Enterprise Authentication department:

To find contact information go to: