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Solution ID : SO12800

Last Modified : 06/21/2018

Replace a Gatekeeper Authorised Officer certificate (within first 30 days)


If you need to replace your ABN-DSC Authorised Officer certificate, you can do so free of charge within the first 30 days from when the certificate was issued to you. There will be no charge and you won't have to attend a Post Office for another ID check.

Please read the following notes carefully and contact Symantec Support if you have any questions.


  1. Revoke your certificate online, or by completing the attached form and sending it to Symantec Support. If needed, contact Symantec Support to confirm the revocation and ask that the credit be applied to your account so you can enrol for your replacement certificate.
  2. Enrol for your replacement and fax the required documentation to Symantec. Symantec will issue the certificate within 24 hours after validating the request.

Revoke your certificate

If you can remember your challenge phrase, please search for and revoke your certificates online at this website:

(Note that you will need to revoke 2 certificates - the signing certificate and the encryption certificate - that's why your name appears twice when you search the first time.)

If you're unable to remember your challenge phrase - please fill out the attached GK Revocation letter, print it on organisation letterhead, sign it and fax it back to us on 03 9674 5574. You'll need the Application ID, which was supplied to you when you first enrolled for the certificate.

If you revoke your certificates online, you can continue to the next step straight away. If you're unable to remember your challenge phrase and need to fax the revocation letter to us, you will need to wait for us to complete the revocation and contact you to confirm details - please allow 1 working day for this.

Enroll your replacement certificate

To get a replacement certificate, please enroll online:

For organisations that deal with the Australian Customs Service:
For organisations that deal with other Australian Government departments:

So that we can issue your replacement certificate, all details that you enter on this form must match your existing enrollment exactly. You also need to make sure that your name and date of birth match your Passport, Birth Certificate or Citizenship Certificate.

Once you have completed your enrolment, you will need to print out the Gatekeeper Application Identity Form. It should be 4 pages in length. Once you have printed it out, please sign and date on page 2.

You will need to fax the Gatekeeper Application Identity Form to us on 03 9674 5574, along with a certified copy of your Passport, Birth Certificate or Citizenship Certificate. Please also find attached a document outlining who can certify documents for you.

Once you have faxed the application form and identity document to us, please allow 1 working day for us to verify all the details and issue your replacement certificate.