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Solution ID : SO12801

Last Modified : 06/20/2018

Replace a Gatekeeper Authorised Officer certificate (outside first 30 days)


In order for Symantec to issue you a working certificate, you will need to revoke your existing certificate and enrol for a replacement.  If your existing certificate is no longer within the 30 day free replacement period, we are required (by the rules governing Gatekeeper certificates) to treat your replacement certificate as if it were a brand new order.

Please read the following notes carefully and contact Symantec Support if you have any questions.


  1. Revoke your certificate online, or by completing the attached form and sending it to Symantec Support.
  2. Check your ABN DSC Subscriber Agreement, complete a new one if needed.
  3. Enrol for your replacement certificate
  4. Collect ID documentation and attend an Australia Post outlet for an ID check.

Revoke your certificate

If you can remember your challenge phrase, please search for and revoke your certificates online at the following website:

(Note that you will need to revoke 2 certificates - the signing certificate and the encryption certificate - that's why your name appears twice when you search the first time.)

If you're unable to remember your challenge phrase - please fill out the attached GK Revocation letter, print it on organisation letterhead, sign it and fax it back to us on 03 9674 5574. You'll need the Application ID, which was supplied to you when you first enrolled for the certificate.

If you revoke your certificates online, you can continue to the next step straight away. If you're unable to remember your challenge phrase and need to fax the revocation letter to us, you will need to wait for us to complete the revocation and contact you to confirm details - please allow 1 working day for this.

Check/complete ABN DSC Subscriber Agreement

An ABN DSC Subscriber Agreement is a document that lists people who are permitted to hold an Authorised Officer certificate on behalf of an organisation. It needs to be signed by an individual who is publically listed in official organisation records - e.g., a Director or Company Secretary.

Your organisation should have a completed ABN DSC Subscriber Agreement, which will contain your full name and residential address. If you've moved house, or if the document has been misplaced, you will need to complete a new Subscriber Agreement. If needed, please use the attached template - when filling out the Subscriber Agreement, the Organisation's Representative is a director or company secretary and the Nominated Authorised Officers are people who currently hold (or are permitted to hold) an Authorised Officer certificate for the organisation. Please ensure that details entered for the Nominated Authorised Officer section exactly match Photo ID for each person.

You should make at least two copies of the completed Subscriber Agreement -- one for company records, one to take to the Post Office. The original needs to be posted to Symantec:

Symantec Australia - Gatekeeper
PO Box 3092
South Melbourne
Victoria 3205

(There is no need to wait for us to receive the subscriber agreement prior to enrolling your replacement certificate or attending the Post Office.)

Enroll your replacement certificate

To get a replacement certificate, please enroll online:

For organisations that deal with the Australian Customs Service:
For organisations that deal with other Australian Government departments:

Some additional hints:

  • When enrolling, take care to ensure that your personal details exactly match your Photo ID and the Subscriber Agreement.
  • The challenge phrase is a password that protects your certificate. When selecting a challenge phrase to use, make sure that you pick something memorable as this will be required for renewing or replacing your certificate. For security reasons, this password cannot be changed or reset by anyone - including Symantec!
  • Most of the problems people experience during enrolment occur on the Generate Signing Key screen. When you get to this screen, please ensure that the "Storage Location" dropdown is set to "Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider v1.0". If this option is not available, please contact Symantec Support for assistance.
  • At the end of the application procedure, you will reach a screen called "Gatekeeper ABN DSC Authorized Officer Application / Identity Authentication Form". You must print this form out (4 pages in total).

100 point ID check

To ensure we issue certificates to the right person, you will need to attend an authorised KeyPost outlet of Australia Post for a 100 point ID check. This should consist of one Primary Document (either Passport, Birth Certificate or Citizenship Certificate) and Photo ID (e.g., Australian drivers licence). Please read the Authorised Officer Application form for full details of what constitutes acceptible ID. Make a clear photocopy of all documents; you will need to take both the originals and copies with you.

At the Post Office, present:

  • Your ABN DSC Subscriber Agreement (copy)
  • The Gatekeeper ABN DSC Authorised Officer Application / Identity Authentication Form (original)
  • ID totalling 100 points (originals and copies)

(Note that payment for Authorised Officer certificates is not required at the Post Office.)

After completing the identification check at Australia Post, your certificate should be issued within 6 working days.