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Solution ID : SO12914

Last Modified : 05/18/2018

Thawte Certificate Center Enterprise (TCCE): Download (fetch) an SSL Certificate


Pick up Certificate
Download Certificate
Fetch Certificate


Only an administrator can download a certificate from your Thawte Certificate Center Enterprise (TCCE) account.

  1. Log into Thawte Certificate Center Enterprise (TCCE)
  2. Click SSL Certificates Tab
  3. Select Certificate name
  4. Scroll down
  5. Click Pick up certificate
  6. Confirm Certificate Information
  7. Click Get started
  8. Select Server platform and Server version from drop down list
  9. If unknown or server platform is not listed please select Other, this will provide your SSL Certificate in X.509 format.
  10. Click Download
  11. This will prompt a download of a ZIP file containing your SSL Certificate and Intermediate CA Certificates.

Note:  The certificate is also emailed to the Technical Contact listed in the order.