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Solution ID : SO14418

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

Incorrect splash page being displayed when multiple seals shown on page


When displaying both a valid Norton Secured Seal and a valid Secured Seal, the splash page information will be shown incorrectly for one of the seals.


A global variable in the Flash version of both seals causes a conflict between the two seals and only the first Flash version of the seal (Norton Secured Seal or Secured Seal) will display the proper flash page information.


The image version of the seal does not have this global variable conflict and as such, can be used instead of the Flash version without consequence.  Additionally, if only one instance of the Flash version of the seal is used, the proper splash page information will be displayed, provided the Flash version of the seal is the last seal displayed on the page (i.e. the image version of the seal is inserted in the page's HTML code prior to the Flash version of the other seal).  The two workable scenarios are as follows:

  1. Use the image version for both the Norton Secured Seal and Secured Seal.  The order of the seals does not matter.
  2. Use one image version and one Flash version of the seal.  The Flash version can be either the Norton Secured Seal or the Secured Seal, but it must be displayed as the last seal within the HTML code, meaning the other seal (being shown as an image) must be displayed on the page first.

Both seals will now display the corresponding splash page information for the type of seal being clicked on.