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Solution ID : SO14428

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

How to generate CSR on IBM Websphere 6


Perform the following steps to generate a CSR on  IBM Websphere 6:

1. Start the Key Management Utility (iKeyman).

2. In the IBM Key Management Utility, click on Key Database File and then New.

3. Choose Key database type and select JKS. Give the keystore a name such as yourdomain.jks

4. Click the Browse button. Go to a location where you want to store your keystore file.

5. Click OK. Enter a password and click OK.

6. Click Create then New Certificate Request to bring up the Create New Key and Certificate Request dialog.

7. Type a Key Label(any label name you want to use)

Fill in the following required fields:

server domain name/common name: name of website or server to be secured 
country code : two letter country code 
state / province : not abbreviated
town / city : not abbreviated
organization : full legal name of company 
organizational unit : department that will use the certificate, ie Sales, IT etc

Do not fill in the Zipcode option

If you are generating a CSR for a wildcard certificate make sure your common name starts with an asterisk (e.g. *

8. Browse for a location and enter a name for the file such as yourdomain.csr and click OK.

9. You can now open that file in a text editor and paste it when required on the new order, renewal or reissue page.