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Solution ID : SO14862

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

Partner: Generating a Report


Partner Center
Partner Program


The types of reports available in Partner Center:

Summary: A list of orders including the Order ID, Ordered and completed Dates, Status, and Domain Name.

Detailed: A list of orders with more details, including Renewal Indicator, Special Instructions, Start and Expiration Date, DN information , and contact information.

Renewal: A list of orders that contains the Order ID, Start Date, Expiration Date, Renewal Indicator, and Domain Name.

Approval: A list of orders that require Partner Approval before they may be issued, even if the validation is complete.


To generate a report:

  1. Log into Partner Center
  2. From the left-hand menu, under Reports, click either Summary, Detailed, Renewal, or Approval depending on desired report
  3. Enter in information prompted, such as Type, Order Status, Date Range. All orders needing Partner Approval will come up without prompting. 
  4. Click Search