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Solution ID : SO14951

Last Modified : 05/08/2019

Install a Thawte SSL Certificate on Mac OS X


Install a Thawte SSL Certificate and enable SSL on a Mac OS X server
Install a Thawte SSL Certificate on Mac OS X


To install a Thawte SSL Certificate on MAC OS X, follow the instructions below:
Step 1: Obtain the Thawte Intermediate CA
a) Download the Thawte Intermediate CA:  INFO1384
Note: Be sure to use Vi or Notepad as word processing programs like Microsoft Wordpad may add additional characters that may render the certificate unusable.
b) Copy and paste the Thawte Intermediate into a text file and save as intermediate.txt
c) Download your certificate as per the instructions:
Step 2: Assign the new SSL certificate to the web site
   1. Open the Server Admin utility.
   2. In the Computers & Services column, open out the current server and select Web.
   3. In the main section of the Server Admin screen, select the Sites tab and double-click the site being secured with SSL.
   4. Select the Security tab, tick the box for 'Enable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)' if not already ticked.
      Note: If you change this selection, the port number the website operates on may change (a warning will appear if this is the case). If you need the website to operate in both http and https mode, you need to create a copy of the site in Server Admin.
   5. In the Certificate: dropdown, select Custom Configuration
   6. A dialogue box appears to specify the locations of the certificate and key files (the below assumes the file locations and names have been left as recommended):

         * For 'Certificate File', enter /etc/httpd/ssl.crt/certificate.crt
          * For 'Private Key File', enter /etc/httpd/ssl.key/private.key
          * For 'Certificate Authority File', enter /etc/httpd/ssl.txt/intermediate.txt
          * For 'Private Key Passphrase', leave empty unless a password has been set on the private key

   7. Click OK on the dialogue box, click Save on the Server Admin window and click Restart when prompted.
Step 3: Verify certificate installation
To verify if your certificate is installed correctly, use the Thawte Installation Checker