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Solution ID : SO15937

Last Modified : 07/03/2018

Error: "This Certificate Is Not From a Trusted Authority" When Attempting to Establish a Secure Connection with Android Devices Version 2.2 and Below.


There are problems with the security certificate for this site.

Error: This certificate is not from a trusted authority


Android devices version 2.2 and below only contains a limited number of CA root certificates for GeoTrust.


Google is aware of this issue for Android mobile devices (version 2.2 and below) with limited number of CA root certificates for GeoTrust. According to Google's forum, GeoTrust missing root CA's are slated for inclusion in a future release.

GeoTrust does offer a cross root ca that is available for download described in INFO1426. The GeoTrust cross root ca allows the certificate to chain from the "Equifax Secure Certificate Authority Root CA" which is embedded on Android mobile devices.

Note:  For any issues concerning active sync with Microsoft windows servers using IIS please refer to SO15597

Issued to: Equifax Secure Certificate Authority
Issued by: Equifax Secure Certificate Authority
Valid from: 8/22/1998 to 8/22/2018
Serial number: 35 de f4 cf

Note: Unfortunately Google did not specify the actual scheduled date of the future release based on forum discussion links below.