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Solution ID : SO16068

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

Configuring server.xml file in Tomcat 4.0 to enable SSL


Tomcat keeps its configuration information in a server.xml file, which ensures Tomcat is reading the correct keystore file and keystore password.  This file also allows server administrators to set the port for secure connections.  If the server.xml file is not configured, or if it is pointing to the wrong keystore, then the server may present the incorrect certificate to the client browser.

 To configure the server.xml file to enable SSL in Tomcat, please see the information below:
  1. Open the server.xml configuration file using a text editor (ie. JAKARTA_HOME/conf/server.xml)
  2. Search for the secure element in your configuration file (try searching for SSL Connector). By default it should look something like this:
  3. Make sure the keystoreFile directive is referencing the correct keystore and the keystorePass directive is referencing the correct keystore password.

    NOTE: These directives are case-sensitive. Make sure the letters "F" and "P" in "keystoreFile" and "keystorePass" are in uppercase.
  4. If your keystore contains more than one private key alias, please add the "keyAlias" directive to reference the correct private key alias name

    For Example:

  5. Save the changes.
  6. Stop and start Tomcat

          For more information, please refer to Tomcat Support 

          For information regarding Tomcat 8.0 click here