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Solution ID : SO16543

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

Import a ssl certificate into a Jetty Java HTTP Servlet Web Server


How do I install a Rapidssl certificate in a Jetty Java HTTP Servlet Web Server


To install a your certificate on a Java server, perform the following steps:
Step1. Download your certificate
1. You will receive an email when your certificate is issued.
2. You require your certificate in PKCS#7 format, to download it in this format, review the steps in your issuance mail 
3. Copy and Paste your certificate to Notepad and save as a certificate.txt
Step2.  Import the Certifcate into the Keystore:
keytool -import -trustcacerts -file [cert_file_name_here] -keystore [keystore_name_here] -alias [keyentry_name_here]
Note: The SSL Port needs to be enabled on Jetty Java HTTP Servlet Web Server as well as on any firewall/s or router/s in place.